Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Return Was Inevitable...

I've decided to clean this out and replenish it with new rantings, ravings and opinionated ways. You will deal with it, for you are reading this and you know that there is nothing else that you would rather be doing at this precise moment. Give in to the blogmaster!

I will start you fiends off easily. I've been on a big David Bowie kick recently (Well, that is until the new Filter album came out and totally kicked my ass, but still....we'll stay with Bowie for right now) and i've finally gotten to the point where I really appreciate his stuff. I mean, I dug him before, but it was always a song here and a song there and I didn't go very deep into his catalog. No more! Strangely enough, it all started with one of his 70's discs "Low", which was always mentioned by Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson, Trevor Hurst and Chris Hall, but I always ignored it because of the timeframe and my mindset that 'anything that old can't be that great'. I was wrong! Very, very wrong. But it was a good wrong, so I can easily admit it. I can now call some of the albums tracks my favorite songs that i've discovered in the last few years. Most notably would be "Speed Of Life" (Which is actually an instrumental track. I usually like instrumentals, but to make it one of my favorite songs of the last few takes quite a bit of a push. It's really just that awesome and re-playable.), "Be My Wife" and "Always Crashing In The Same Car". So, to show you what I mean, I will embed still image videos of those 3 in here for your listening pleasure. And by listening pleasure, I mean listen to them or be a worthless speck in my world of fantasticism!

"Speed Of Life"

"Be My Wife"

"Always Crashing In The Same Car"

After getting that into "Low", I went the safe route and came back to his modern albums and gave them more attention. I first really got into "Reality" and then "Earthling" and then "Heathen" and "Hours" (With "Outside" just waiting for me to spin the majority of it). I found that most of the time, each album has several songs that I loved, but even the rest of the albums were really good and I liked listening to them all the way through. Maybe it's just that I really like his voice ? Maybe it's his direction and how back and forth he's been with his music over the years ? I don't care, really. I just know that I dig it and that he is quickly becoming one of my favorite musicians. To round out this blog entry (With many more to come!), I will shove some material from those albums down your throat. Some have music videos and some do not. Suck it up and enjoy them all or perish!

"I'm Afraid Of Americans (With Trent Reznor)" [From "Earthling"]

"Heart's Filthy Lesson" [From "Outside"]

"Slow Burn" [From "Heathen"]

"Pablo Picasso" [From "Reality"]

"The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell" [From "Hours"]

"Little Wonder" [From "Earthling"]

"Hallo Spaceboy" [From "Outside"]

"I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spacecraft" [From "Heathen"]

"Fall Dog Bombs The Moon" [From "Reality"]

"Survive" [From "Hours"]

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